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The Kenedi Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization working through the Evangelical Church in Korçë Albania to bring healing and hope to the Albanian people. Operating in and around the Korçë area, the Kenedi Foundation manages projects that touch the lives of hundreds, including: the sick or injured, the uncared-for-elderly, the abused elderly, abused girls, abused women, street children, the physically handicapped, and those with special educational needs.

Andrew LaSavio serves as an Executive Director with the Kenedi Foundation and he along with Ian Loring and Marleen Van der Voorde make up the Executive Leadership Team. Together, this team manages existing Kenedi projects while looking forward to new opportunities to serve the Albanian people.

Over the years, the Kenedi Foundation has pioneered in several areas where Albanian public services were inadequate or non-existent. Even in areas where comparable services are available, the Foundation differentiates itself by serving through the local church with integrity, compassion and love. To learn more about the foundation head over to