Lasavio Family



Andrew and Rebecca LaSavio live in Korçë, Albania and work with the Kenedi Foundation and the Korçë Evangelical Church in Korçë, Albania. They have been working with the Albanian people and a number of organizations in Albania since 2002.


Rebecca loves God and loves working with children. She has been involved in mission work since 1999 when she traveled to Romania and worked with children in orphanages there. During the next few years, she experienced God working in her life and felt the pull to serve full-time in Albania. So, she packed up her life and moved. While in Albania from 2002-2006, Rebecca started a day center for street kids and a safe home for girls. These projects live out Christ's love to those in need, and touch lives in real and profound ways. The Children's Day Center and Girls Safe Home are still running today, and love, teach, and protect children in the name of Jesus. In 2006 she returned to the states to be married to her husband, Andrew. After living in America with her husband for four years, she returned to Albania, this time with her family. She now teaches her children, works at the Children's Day Center in Korçë, runs Sunday School at the Korçë Evangelical Church, and is involved in other projects in the Korçë area.


Andrew has been involved in missions since 2003 when he first stepped onto Albanian soil. After his first two trips to Albania, he started leading teams, not only into Albania, but into Mexico as well. He loved to serve, to train and lead mission teams that focused on building and touching lives for Christ. While leading several teams a year, he also served the church in the states, and ran his own technology company in California. Currently, Andrew is an Executive Director with the Kenedi Foundation in Korçë Albania and is responsible for the Children's Day Centers in Korçë and Maliq, the Girls Care Home, and the Shelter for Abused Women. He is also involved in bringing Foundation works alongside new church plants and village works in and around the Korçë area. Andrew also serves as a board member for OAC Albania, an organization that sends and supports missionaries to Albania.